All About Diaper Bags

Positive pregnancy test! That is what your results read few months ago. And like any other soon-to-be parents, you are skeptical about things you have to prepare for the birth of your child. With a lot of things going on in your mind, and a lot of necessities you have to prepare, should you include a diaper bag on the list?

Diaper Bag:

Every mother has been talking about diaper bags and you are quite quizzical of what it is. Diaper bag is also known as a nappy bag. It is a bag used for storing stuffs needed by a person when taking care of a baby. It has lot of space forming like pockets so that the things that you need are arranged with out much difficulty. Diaper bags are available in different styles and designs.

Uses of Diaper Bags:

Most of these diaper bags are used if the family goes camping, outing or short trips perhaps. It poses the question now on how important it is to have diaper bags. Is it really that necessary?


Some mothers do not like to have these nappy bags because of reasons like; they do not like the design or the usability itself. The choice of whether to have it or not, really just depends on the mother or the person taking care of the baby.

Here are the reasons cited as to why diaper bags are still preferred by most moms:

  • Material of the bag:

These nanny bags are designed for its purpose, and that is to withstand or resist leaks and clutters within the bag. Spills cannot be prevented especially if baby bottles are placed inside the bag and it is not properly sealed. At least the liner on the inside of the bag and the material on the outside of the bag are durable that you can just wash it from time to time.

  • Organized content:

Diaper bags have compartments or pocket-like spaces that you can designate what to put inside those pockets. Like you can put the baby bottle on one compartment then the diapers on the other or the medicines. In this way, you can easily find what you are looking for, the baby’s stuff is not everywhere and it is arranged according to your preference.

  •  Neat-looking content:

When your bag is clutter-free and organized, the whole bag looks neat. It will not be an additional stressor for you. When the baby is crying because the baby wants to drink milk for example, you want to feed right away, and when you open your bag, you find it arranged and clean, you will get a feeling that the situation can be handled without going through much stress.

Types of Diaper Bags:

There are lot of diaper bags out in the market today, the choice of what diaper bag to be bought or to be  used depends on  what the users would like and how it would fit their personality.

Some of the varieties of diaper bags which are readily available in the market are described below.



A diaper bag that is designed like a backpack looks like a regular backpack but it has extra pockets that will hold changing pads for example. The Skip Hop Via Backpack Diaper Bag  for example, provides you a lot of space to place your things and evenly distributes the weight of the bag on your shoulder.

Sling Bag:

It is sometimes referred to as a messenger-style bag and has one strap and can be carried on a shoulder across your chest. They are often designed for dads but it also varies from floral to unisex. The Skip Hop Via Messenger diaper Bag for example has a strap that can be adjusted, can carry laptop and has pockets.


It looks like an overgrown handbag and has extra pockets. The Skip Hop Forma Pack & Go Diaper Tote Bag for example and can simply grab on the top handle and can be carried easily.

Stroller Diaper Bag:                   

A tote-style bag but has longer straps to fit on the back of the stroller’s handlebars. It can be used for single or double strollers and some of this has clips or you can buy clips separately. The Skip Hop Stroller Ready Uptown St. Diaper Bag for example has strap-on mechanism.

Hobo Bags:

Hobo bags copies the style of handbag fashions. The Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag for example has main compartments and mini compartments which helps to arrange things in order.

Convertible Bags:

Convertible bags comes with a handle and removal strap, you can grab the handle or use the sling, whatever way is convenient to you. The Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Satchel is an example.

Mini Bags:

The latest offering is mini bags which look like a small handbag or clutch. The Skip Hop Soho Cross-Body Diaper Clutch is an example.

There are other types available like if you want to place it under your waist there are fanny-pack style.

Other sling bags are designed to be smaller for quick trips.  It is compact and can fit tightly.

Difference between Diaper Bags for Boys and Diaper Bags for Girls:

There is not much difference on the content of the diaper bags for girls or boys. Their diaper bags differ on the design and style. Woman likes to have their diaper bags as totes, mini bags or hobo bags. They want it floral or plain it depends upon the personality of the mother. But most of them still want to appear fashionable and modern. Design of diaper bags also evolves to be that way to cater to the needs of modern day mothers. For the men, they like to have it in sling or backpacks or fanny-packed style. There are also rugged-looking designs for men.

As a mother, practicality when purchasing the diaper bags is necessary. There are a lot of online stores and department stores that can help you achieve that. There are a lot of choices for diaper bags that will not make you sacrifice your style.

There has been a birth of styles, colors, functions and designs. Manufacturers are doing things to gain the attention of the modern soon- to- be parents who very much like to spend on products that both have purpose and class.

Aside from choosing diaper bags because of its panache consider also how this fit to your day to day activities will. Today’s designs allow you to do multi-tasking while still holding the baby confidently. You can still do things like opening a door, use a phone or pay in the cashier. Some is designed is now concerned with the health of the one that is carrying the bag as it can decrease pain in the lower back.